Bizarre Diets to Lose Weight

Half the fun of picking diets to lose weight is often in the part where you get to check out the crazy fad diets that no one in their right mind would actually consider.

Sadly, fads can be extremely popular sometimes and people often neglect to critically weigh the benefits of a program when they know that it's popular with a celebrity or something.

Here some fad diets to lose weight that are either popular right now, or have been in the recent past. These are actually from a list prepared by the Weight Management Dietetic Practice group of the American Dietetic Association as a list of diets to beware of.

So as funny as they are, these actually are serious diets that some poor misguided folk somewhere try to follow every day.

California is great for movies, technology and New Age fad diets to lose weight by. One of the recent ones is the Master Cleanse diet. As you probably can guess by the name, it's supposed to cleanse your digestive tract out.

This used to be a very stubbornly persistent idea about two centuries ago in Victorian England, and it's interesting to see that it's made a comeback here again.

You're supposed to start out by downing a large measure of salty water first thing in the morning, follow it up by drinking a scary mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup four times a day, and then capping it all off with a laxative tea at night.

That's all you get - there's nothing else you're allowed to eat. It doesn't allow for nutrients or fiber or anything - for ten days.

Starving yourself like this certainly will let you lose lean body mass. But you will bounce back pretty quickly once you're done; not to mention, the malnutrition will probably come back to haunt you afterwards.

Next in our list of diets to lose weight by is the fairly unbelievable Ear Stapling method. It's actually an acupuncture related procedure.

The belief is that there are nerve endings in the ears that help suppress the appetite. They pierce the right part of your year, and hope that the pressure on the nerve from the staple will do the trick.

To begin with, the only thing that there is any scientific evidence for here is that you will end up mutilating your ear and maybe getting an infection.

As for the suppressed appetite, it never seems to happen. You would probably be much better off sticking to adding a lot of fruits and vegetables to your diet.

These bizarre diets seem to get more interesting by the year; case in point - the air diet!

Apparently they believe that when you align yourself to vital energies present in the universe, air is all you will ever need to live on. You don't need food; you don't need water.

But of all the bizarre diets to lose weight by that we've looked at here, I'd call this one the safest. It's pretty obvious that it wouldn't appeal to anyone. At least I hope not!

5 Super Tips for Relieving Your Allergy Symptoms

Do seasonal plant allergies drive you crazy? You are not alone. If you're among the millions of people who suffer with allergic reactions, you're way too familiar with the symptoms - headaches, stuffed up sinuses, runny nose and swollen, tender tissues.

The most common type of plant allergies occur in the fall and spring. Although, some unfortunate allergy sufferers also get a dose even in summertime from sources like pine tree pollen and freshly cut grass.

Unless you've had a round of the patch tests to determine exactly what you're allergic to, finding allergy relief can be much like searching for a needle in a haystack.

To complicate matters, you can suddenly develop plant allergies simply by moving just 100 miles away, to an environment with brand new flora and fauna your immune system doesn't recognize.

There are plenty of OTC medications for allergies, but you've got to be careful that you don't end up with an allergy relief preparation that may contain something you're already allergic to!

I once tried an OTC allergy medicine which contained Goldenrod - unknown when I bought it - which made me feel as though I were on another, strange planet, sending me to the doctor pronto!

Allergy symptoms can make you feel and look so bad, that you have to stay home and lose time from work. A blinding sinus headache can confine you to a darkened room with an ice bag on your forehead.

Here, we've got five tips on natural ways to find allergy relief...

  • Some plants cause water retention, especially in the face. Not only does this produce a swollen face and eyes that appear half-shut and bruised, but the accompanying pain can reach the 'this is ridiculous' level in a matter of hours of exposure to the culprit.

    Try this: cut a couple of slices of cucumber and place them over your eyes. Over the cucumber, lay a wash cloth drenched in cold or ice water and lie down. Keep a bowl of ice water handy to cool the wash cloth as it eventually warms.

    Close the curtains and rest. This method of allergy relief helps reduce the swelling, which in turn helps relieve the pain.
  •  Allergy headaches respond well to lavender oil. You can find it at stores like Whole Foods Market or anywhere that sells essential oils. You might want to try this one from Plant Therapy at

    Place a single drop on each temple and rub - gently. Rub another drop or two across your forehead, rubbing it in with a circular motion. If you have sensitive skin and the oil is irritating, try mixing it with a little bit of safflower oil or face lotion.

    Oil of lavender provides quick allergy relief. If allergy headaches are a frequent problem, you'll do well to purchase or make a lavender eye pillow.

    You can also make your own. Fill the pillow with lavender flowers, along with a few drops of lavender oil. Store the pillow in a plastic bag, to retain the oils, in between uses.
  • Drink plenty of cool water during bouts of allergy symptoms. This helps flush allergens from your system, resulting in a reduction of swelling and pain. Avoid alcoholic beverages and herbal teas!
  • If there is a lot of pollen circulating outdoors, try to stay indoors and keep your windows closed. Keep a fan running to keep the air in your home circulating.

    During cold weather, stay warm under the covers, but try to avoid turning on the heater, which tends to dry out your sinuses and potentially increase your pain. Instead, use a humidifier with a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil in the little cup at the top.
  • Finally, run a warm bath and lay back in the tub with a cool washcloth over your face. Again, keep a bowl of ice water and a couple of extra wash cloths handy. When one warms to room temperature, replace it with a cool one.

    Many world class spas will wet wash cloths, roll them up then place them in a container filled with ice. This is a nice treat when you want to relax with a cool cloth over your face. Give it a try!

Hopefully, you will experience quick allergy relief from these five tips and they will have you feeling better soon! 

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Cut Your Own Hair Tips

It makes so much sense to learn how to cut your own hair. This is an easy way to manage to look neat, tidy and trim if you can't get to a hair salon. If there are two of you, you can learn how to cut each other's hair.

The first thing you do is to buy a set of clippers. And then, download YouTube videos off the Internet to see how it is done. Check out the video below to start...

Get familiar with your shiny new clippers - which clipper guards to use for the length of hair you want, and then you are ready to go.

Any decent set of clippers will come with a separate guard for different parts of the head. You'll need to be sure that you know which one goes where.

Give yourself a break and not be too disappointed with the results you get at first.

Remember, if you're cutting a man's hair, it's usually much easier. You have less hair to worry about.

To make sure that you always have less hair to worry about, never leave too much time pass between two haircuts.

At first, it would be a good idea for you to go to a good haircut shop, get a great haircut, and then only do the trimming at home. To learn how to cut your own hair can be difficult if you start with an unruly head of hair.

As you learn to trim all the time, you'll get a feel for how properly cut hair is supposed to look.

Of course, without really investing yourself in learning how to cut your own hair, you won't ever get great results that make people ask you if you're planning on opening your own shop where they could be regulars. But it'll look quite decent, and think about the savings.

When you consider the time you spend on getting haircuts, the money you pay, and everything else, you can easily save quite a few dollars in a year simply by cutting your own hair.

Aveda Hair Care a Good Choice

As many women and men already know, it is very important to take care of your appearance. This typically means good self care products that work effectively for you.

Well, one aspect of daily grooming involves your hair. It does not matter if you wear your hair short, long, curly, spiky, or somewhere in between, you must properly care for your hairdo if you want it to look good.

This is why there are countless products out there such as Aveda hair care to assist you with this daily grooming regimen.

Moreover, there are Aveda self care products to suit both women and men. So you are sure to find what you are looking for.

If by chance you are not familiar with Aveda, it is a brand that has really stood the test of time.

This name has actually been around for decades now, and their product line has expanded significantly over the years.

While they are known for their hair care products, they are additionally recognized for their skin care regimens and treatments as well.

You can check out the full line of Aveda hair care and skin care just by visiting a local salon that carries the brand. It does not have to specifically be an Aveda salon of institute.

However, you can also get a closer look at all Aveda products on the web via the official website.

Other than the official site, you can also acquire Aveda hair and skin care treatments through websites like

Even and carry this brand of hair care products.

If you are wondering what specific products are offered, they include conditioners, shampoos, spray gels, scalp treatments, and several styling products.

The key is to take a look at all of them and determine which treatments or styling creams suit your individual needs. Both pictures and descriptions are available on sites that sell Aveda hair care and skin care systems.

The last thing you want to do is stop caring properly for your hair. This can lead to dry scalp, damaged follicles, split ends, and even hair loss.

For men out there who are suffering from some hair loss, check out the hair care products geared toward men that this brand name has to offer.

You may discover a few products you could benefit from on a daily basis. With the right treatments, shampoos and conditioners, you can successfully keep your hair looking young and health for many years to come.

However, the trick is getting the right hair care products and using them daily for real results. Just like skin care, hair care is a daily regimen that must not be overlooked.

How Important is Eating a Balanced Diet?

I remember when I first went to my doctor and told him that I wanted to lose weight and get into better shape, and I was a little surprised by what I was told. My doctor informed me that several new habits would have to be established, including exercising and reducing my caloric intake, but that eating a balanced diet was also a crucial factor.

I did not think that mattered as much as it does, but my doctor explained it to me pretty clearly.

The first thing that I was told is that a balanced diet is important when attempting to lose weight and get into better shape because it is important to stay healthy and maintain energy.

Getting all of the vitamins and nutrients that I needed was critical to the success I had losing weight, and my doctor actually provided me with a copy of the food pyramid so that I would know exactly what I needed to be eating every day.

He also said that eating a balanced diet was crucial to feeling strong enough to complete my workouts every day. He said that the last thing that I wanted to have happen was become deficient in a particular vitamin or nutrient while putting that type of extra stress on my body, because I could really have some problems then.

He said that as I was losing weight, I was also losing muscle, so I needed to eat the things that would continue to provide the fuel I needed to exercise my various muscle groups.

He told me that a balanced diet was also the key to maintaining long-term success on my weight loss journey, because in order to stay healthy, I would have to eat all of the things on that pyramid.

He told me the best thing to do was just to try to substitute out the types of foods that I ate in each food group with something healthier. I took this approach, and while it was still difficult to get by on fewer calories and having to exercise as much as I was now exercising, I got used to it and started having success.

I was able to have success losing weight and getting into better shape and I think that was due in large part to the fact that I made sure I continued to eat a balanced diet.

It was a lot of hard work, and I am not diminishing the part that exercise played in the my success, but I think the fact that I was eating properly and maintaining proper nutrition made the transition to my new, healthier lifestyle a lot easier.

These Acid Reflux Remedies May Help You Sleep Through The Night

It took us some time and a lot of research, but we finally found some acid reflux remedies that were not expensive and allowed my father to do something that most of us take for granted — to get a good night's sleep!

For the last 10 years of his life, my father had a severe problem with acid reflux, and often found it difficult to sleep through the night.

The first thing that we found was that the time he last ate was a big indicator as to whether or not he would have a problem with acid reflux throughout the night.

If he ate no later than 5 p.m., he did not have a problem at all. He could eat whatever he wanted, as a matter of fact, and of all of the acid reflux remedies, this was the one he most often employed.

He liked to be able to eat whatever he liked for dinner and he learned to suck on hard candy or chew gum if he got hungry after dinner.

Another of the acid reflux remedies that we discovered was the wedge pillow, which essentially is a triangular pillow that allowed him to sleep in an elevated position.

He was probably at about a 40 degree angle, and because his esophagus and mouth were both higher than his stomach, acid reflux issues were not a problem for him.

He would usually employ this particular acid reflux remedy when he knew he was going to have to eat late, such as on holidays and family outings.

One of the acid reflux remedies I remember working the best for my father was when my mother found a diet that prevented him from building up a lot of stomach acid and pretty much nixed acid reflux entirely.

It was extremely bland and certainly not one that I would recommend for anyone without the condition, but it worked for him, and eventually, that was the one that he stuck with.

I remember asking him one time if he ever missed some of his favorite foods, because my father always liked spicy things, and he said he did, but that the trade-off was not worth it.

Acid reflux remedies can be a big help. I have to say that I have been very fortunate in my life to never suffer from the condition, but in watching my father's problem with the disease and hearing other accounts from other people, I can only imagine it is very difficult to try to endure on a daily basis.

Tips to Better Nutrition

The fact that your food budget is barely able to sustain your family does not mean you should avoid better nutrition methods. You can work around it to increase the amount of nutritious foods in your meals.

For instance, ensure that a portion of the purchases consists of fruits and vegetables. Since some fruits attract a higher retail price than others, you can have the common ones for daily meals and get a few of the pricey fruits for special recipes and occasions.

In most places, bananas are available in plenty and are cheaper than strawberries, pineapples and watermelons. You get a wide range of nutrients from bananas such as vitamin B6, which is important for a healthy brain, potassium, magnesium and even fiber, which will reduce the risk of heart disease.

Ensure that your budget caters for essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and fats.

If you can diversify your knowledge about the foods available, you will realize that you have been limiting yourself a lot.

On the same note, look for ways to incorporate foods that family members do not like yet they are healthy.

In every family, there are foods termed as favorites while others are blacklisted and never make it on the grocery list. If you get creative ways to prepare food for the picky eaters, then you will be giving them better nutrition.

For instance, carrots and pumpkins and other vegetables may not get a big audience on the dinner table. However, if you can learn how to bake a carrot cake or to make pumpkin and lentil patties, the family members will grow fond of the foods with time.

If you have been boiling some of the ‘taboo’ foods, you can fry or bake them and check the response.

Food should be struck off the list if it causes allergic reactions, not when a family member does not like it.

Most vegetables form very nutritious soups and this allows you to mix several veggies. For instance, you can mix lentils, carrots, potatoes, beet-root and cabbages to form a thick broth that can accompany rice and meat recipes.

More so, think about your food the amount of fat in your diet. If you use a lot of oil when cooking, it will increase the chances of heart disease. In addition, check the foods consumed to make sure that the fat content is low.

This is because fat is high in calories but not energy. Once fat gets into the system, it is converted to calories and stored as fatty issues. Some of the foods rich in dietary fat include margarine, milk products, meat, salad dressings and nuts.

A bit of this fat is important for healthy skin, regulating the metabolic rate of cholesterol and it provides the fatty acids. However, too much of it leads to obesity and a string of diseases such as the heart disease.

Other items that you should reduce in the meals include sugar and salts. 

Better nutrition is possible and priceless. Find out what are the healthiest foods and what they can do to improve your health.